AI Powered Exchange Rate Forecaster Cryptics Launches MVP

Cryptics, a company developing a platform for AI-based cryptocurrency exchange rate forecasting, has announced the release of its minimum viable product (MVP), which is to become available on April 30th.

An earlier version of the platform’s MVP is also accessible at the project’s website. Available therein, aside from the projected chart of exchange ratios, it is an overall assessment of the prediction accuracy for each of the currency pairs.

Cryptics will act as a blockchain-based aggregator for cryptocurrency exchange rates feeding real-time market data to an AI module powered by neural networks. Notably, the project’s founders say, the entire system will not use any human involvement thus making it one of the first fully independent and autonomous solutions for this kind of service.

The MVP will feature daily and hourly forecasts, with automatic trading algorithms becoming available later. Users will be able to test the platform’s functionality with its native token of QRP token, which will also be sold during the forthcoming tokensale event in early May.

Oleg Tereschenko, Cryptics co-founder, explains:

Our advanced technologies allow aggregating information from various sources and building predictions on their basis. These information sources are invaluable insight into future rates for traders and are unique on the crypto market. Our platform will allow crypto traders to trade with profit based on real time data and future insight, and that will make it a highly demanded product.

Even though the release of the MVP foreshadows the upcoming token sale, the main purpose of this release is to extensively test the platform, which includes catching possible bugs. For that reason, the platform’s co-founders invite all interested parties to their Telegram channel to share their experience, as well as notify them via e-mail and other contacts available at the project’s website. Cryptics have also launched a referral program in order to spread the word and eventually build a large community of users.

What are your thoughts on Cryptics? Have you checked out their MVP? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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