John McAfee Summons Calvin Ayre After Bitcoin SV ‘Conman’ Comments

John McAfee

US entrepreneur turned presidential candidate John McAfee has invited infamous Bitcoin SV supporter Calvin Ayre for a face-to-face meeting following accusations he was a “conman.”

Craig Wright To McAfee: ‘I Want You In Court’

The latest episode in the ongoing drama involving Bitcoin SV proponents, McAfee announced on social media that he was staying meters away from Ayre’s Antigua residence.

The summons comes after Craig Wright, one of the co-founders of Bitcoin SV who alleges it to be the ‘real’ Bitcoin, gave an interview to Australian media network Finder.

During the debate, which lasted over 90 minutes, Wright accused McAfee of “building a career out of being a conman.”

“Please sue me, Mr. McAfee,” he said, alluding to current mass lawsuit he and Ayre are orchestrating against anyone who disputes claims Wright created Bitcoin.

“…I want you in court.”

While not addressing Wright directly, McAfee took issue with the content of the interview, demanding Ayre make use of his current whereabouts to argue his corner.

“I am right now staying less than a quarter of a mile from Craig’s partner – Calvin Ayre. I strongly recommend that Craig stop by for a cup of tea so he can expound on that statement in person,” he wrote on Twitter April 30.

Bitcoin SV’s Multifaceted War

As Bitcoinist reported, McAfee is currently in transit while attempting to direct his presidential campaign.

Frequently changing his location, the entrepreneur spends most of his time on a private boat as he flees US demands to face charges of tax evasion.

Ayre, who himself successfully managed to get US money laundering charges against him dropped in 2017, has yet to respond to the challenge.

Amid an ongoing publicity nightmare for the controversial Bitcoin SV, the altcoin has seen the bottom fall through its support over the past month as major cryptocurrency exchanges simultaneously withdrew support for it.

That decision is also tied to Wright’s lawsuits and other behavior, which industry CEOs view as threatening and not in-keeping with the moral values notionally tied to decentralized cryptocurrency.

At press time, BSV/USD traded at around $53, almost exactly 1/100th of the Bitcoin price and just $10 above its all-time lows.

Last week, Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of Japanese giant SBI Group, took a board member position at Ripple, having confirmed his own exchange would not support Bitcoin SV and cease dealing with its predecessor, Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

“Coins that regularly experience hard forks are ludicrous,” he said, referring to the turbulent genesis of Bitcoin SV last November.

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