Washington Townhome Tied to Disgraced FTX Co-Founder Listed for $3.28 Million Amid Controversy and Bankruptcy

A Washington, D.C., townhome tied to FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried has been listed on the market for roughly $3.28 million. The property was purchased by Bankman-Fried’s brother’s nonprofit, Guarding Against Pandemics, for the same price it is selling for today.

FTX Co-Founder’s Luxury Property Suspected to Have Been Used for Wining and Dining Political Elite in the Name of ‘Pandemic Prevention’

According to the New York Post reporter Mary K. Jacob, a four-bedroom Washington townhome associated with the disgraced FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF), is now listed on the market. The luxury 4,100-square-foot property is selling for $3.28 million and was originally purchased by Gabe Bankman-Fried’s nonprofit, Guarding Against Pandemics. Jacob detailed that just before FTX collapsed, the Washington home hosted two parties specifically for bureaucrat donors.

Realtor.com also reported on a Washington townhome listing, a Victorian brownstone building crafted in 2017. The home has five bathrooms, four gas fireplaces, and all bedrooms are en suite, Realtor.com explained. The report also notes that the property was leveraged “to serve as a D.C. base for the FTX crew to wine and dine the political elite.” Interestingly, the property is selling for the same price Guarding Against Pandemics purchased it for in April 2022.

SBF and his inner circle of deputies reportedly purchased a great deal of real estate, most of which was located in the Bahamas. For instance, Bitcoin.com News reported on the so-called “effective altruist” SBF’s $40 million penthouse, which was listed for sale three days after FTX filed for bankruptcy protection. Recent court filings indicate that SBF and the FTX group purchased a total of 36 Bahamas-based properties. Fifteen properties were located in the Albany, Bahamas, oceanside district, worth an estimated $166.1 million. Another 12 properties in the Bahamas that were not located at the Albany resort are worth $39.4 million.

Moreover, it has been reported that SBF and a number of high-level executives donated tens of millions to U.S. politicians, and it is suspected that the Washington townhome with luxury amenities was likely chosen to entertain them. FTX, the company, contributed a lot of money to pandemic alarmists who believe the immune system can be replaced with sanitizers, masks, and mRNA gene therapy. Senior members of the Biden administration met with FTX executives to discuss the idea of so-called “pandemic prevention,” according to White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

What do you think about the listed Washington property for sale? What are your thoughts on the use of luxury properties for the purpose of political influence and pandemic prevention? Share your thoughts about this subject in the comments section below.

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