Bitcoin Hashrate Hits New Record With 50% Gain in August

52 Quintillion Per Second: Bitcoin Hashrate Breaks Dizzying New Record

What bear market? The bitcoin hashrate has broken another record high this week as the world’s most popular cryptocurrency network gets stronger with each day. 

Bitcoin Hash Rate Hits 62 Quintillion

The Bitcoin hashrate, or the computing power of the Bitcoin network, has broken yet another all-time high of 62 quintillion hashes per second. This marks a whopping 50 percent gain in the month of August, alone.

The new record comes just weeks after Bitcoinist reported breaking the 50 quintillion mark, which broke the previous 43 quintillion mark set in June.

The accelerating bump in the hashrate has been impressive this year despite an 80 percent market-wide correction since Bitcoin price 00 reached all-time highs late last year. What’s more, the network hashrate is up more than 150 percent over the last six months.

Price to Follow?

The staggering rise in hashrate directly translates into new miners going live on the Bitcoin network. In other words, mining operators are investing real money with no qualms about this year’s sluggish prices. In fact, the Bitcoinist has reported on numerous new mining farms springing up all over the world — with some even shifting towards renewable energy.

Meanwhile, financial analyst and host of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser, reacted to the news. Reiterating his belief that “price follows hashrate,” the former Wall Street trader said that he now expects a new all-time high in price to follow.

“Based on my [hashrate] analysis, new ATH incoming,” he tweeted. “$28,000 still in play.”

Does Bitcoin price follow the hash rate — or the other way around? Share your thoughts below! 

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